Although we left academia long ago, the phrase “publish or perish” is just as critical in the real world of designing and making architecture. We are incredibly proud that our architecture has been published extensively in international digital and print media.

Seattle Case Study Homes

Seattle Case Study Homes
Blake Williams, et al,
Fall 2002

Loft House

The New City Home: Leslie Plummer Clagett

The New City Home: Leslie Plummer Clagett
Bringing a Box to Life
Connecticut, The Taunton Press 2002

Loft With Translucent Panels  

The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine, October 13, 2002

The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine
October 13, 2002
Sleek and Chic

Private: Loft With Tilted Planes  
Loft with Tilted Planes

The Boston Globe, July, 1997

The Boston Globe,
July 1997
Associate Architect