When we were approached by a renowned landscape architecture firm to assist with a small architectural intervention in a much larger landscape design we were instantly intrigued. Their plans for the residential property already included a zero edge pool, hot tub, terraces and gardens, all impeccably arranged on the site. However, the focal point of the project was actually quite architectural - a little “gem” of a cubic glass cabana.

The design challenge we thus encountered was to create a one-of-a-kind structure that would be full of contradictions: translucent yet private, sheltered yet open to the sky, and equally enjoyable during the daytime as during the evening hours. The result was a crisp white solid-surface cube set within a larger cube of glass and stainless steel, providing pool-side facilities during the day and transforming to a glowing piece of art in the landscape at night.

The cabana’s minimal form was made possible through the use of cutting-edge engineering and fabrication techniques. The opaque cube utilized solid-surface material installed on a steel frame to allow for material movement and allow for airflow and glimpses of blue sky while inside the toilet compartment.  The glass and stainless steel outer structure is then spaced off the opaque interior cube to provide private dressing areas. Working with a specialized metals fabricator and glass engineer, this outer cube uses structural silicone glazing techniques to attach glass to the frame without visible fasteners, thus allowing for the illusion of a pure glowing cube in the landscape.

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