We create warm, modern architecture, tailored to the unique circumstances of our clients and their sites, delivered with exceptional attention to detail, and full of joy for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Ruhl | Jahnes has renewed its commitment to The 1+, a program of Public Architecture, which connects nonprofits with architecture and design firms willing to provide pro bono services to qualified non-profits. If every architecture professional in the U.S. committed 1% of their time to  pro  bono service, it would add up to 5,000,000 hours annually - the equivalent of a 2,500-person firm, working full-time for the public good.

Natural materials, expressive forms, and meticulous attention to light and views are at the core of our practice and manifested throughout our projects regardless of context.

We pride ourselves on being unusually empathetic listeners as well as clear and direct communicators.

We are passionate about finding the ideal balance between artful design and functionality.

We are committed to sustainable design practices, including maximizing natural daylighting and ventilation, minimizing unnecessary material and space, and encouraging renewable energy solutions to create buildings that are capable of achieving Net-Zero energy usage status.

We pride ourselves on our client-centric design process, helping every client find the most advantageous balance between budget, schedule, and level of detail, from our first conversation to the end of construction.

Our open studio fosters the kind of intentional as well as incidental collaboration that adds richness to each and every project. We are all designers and share a love of modern architecture and design, but we each have our own complementary passions and particular skills. We have a lot of fun, too.


We are so grateful for the substantial contributions over the years of our colleagues at Ruhl | Jahnes and our predecessor firms, Ruhl Studio and Ruhl Walker Architects:

Spencer Asselin, Mark Bandzak, Samuel Batchelor, Adiel Benitez, Kathryn Pakenham Bilgen, Keith Case, Tom Chung, Ryan Clement, Paul Commito, Kristen Bender Daaboul, Christopher Dial, Lucy Fang, Sean Farrell, Michaella Fusco, Sarah Gunawan, Juliet Hernandez, Simi Hoque, Trudie Kaiser, Andrew Kotleski, Stacy Krieg, Anne Snelling Lee, Nick Lewis, Chee Keong Lin, Alan Lu, Giancarlo Mangone, Grace Mathieson, Lester Matos, Mark McGlothlin, Peter Minosh, Jide Olanrewaju, Matt Ostrow, Marc Perras, Nerijus Petrokas, Gregory Pinter, Nick Radesky, Grant Scott, Lilly Smith, Hattie Stroud, Shannon Sturm, Ellen Teunissen-Kooloos, Cheyenne Vandevoorde, Bradford Walker, Patrick Weber, Nedith Wikina, and Steven Wolenski


We look forward to bringing the joy and excitement of innovative modern architectural design to your project!