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The Evolution of a Design

  When William Ruhl and his wife bought their little “fixer-upper” in Rockport, MA, they promised the sellers – who happened to also be the next door neighbors – that they would have the opportunity to review the design of…

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Building a Modern House on the Coast in the Age of Rising Tides

Building a custom house on the coast has become more treacherous in the era of rising sea levels. Firm principal, Will Ruhl, has been researching this subject intensely in conjunction with the design of his own house in Rockport, MA.…

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An Architect’s House in Rockport – Part II

After studying dozens (hundreds?!) of plans and 3D model ideas, Will settled on what he thought of as a relatively “quiet” / simple design, a collage of volumes and planes wrapped around the original house. The ground floor would be…

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An Architect’s House in Rockport – Part I  

Will Ruhl and his family bought a small, humble house in a beautiful neighborhood of Rockport, MA, in 2012 from the next door neighbors, with dreams of creating a year-round house worthy of its priceless location on Gap Cove. The…

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New House in Rockport

We are really excited about a new house we are designing in Rockport, MA. Actually, this is one of two new houses we are designing simultaneously within less than a mile of each other in Rockport, but more on that…

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for The Catherine Houghton Arts Center

Our Catherine Houghton Arts Center at The White Mountain School had a ribbon cutting ceremony a short time ago, and Will Ruhl was honored to be holding one half of the amusingly oversized scissors. Outside the thermometer was hovering close…

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A New Arts Center for The White Mountain School, Part III

Since our last blog post on the new art studio building that we designed for The White Mountain School in Bethlehem, NH, there has been some dramatic progress; not as much as the aggressive original schedule called for but amazingly…

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Before and After for a Mid-Century Modern House

When we first visited this Mid-Century Modern house outside of Boston, we took careful note of what remained of the house’s original modern character, which was camouflaged behind kitschy window boxes, an unsightly eighties garage addition complete with stenciled bird…

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A New Arts Center for The White Mountain School

A lot of progress has been made since our last blog post on the new art studio building we designed for The White Mountain School in Bethlehem, NH. General contractor and prefabricator Bensonwood Construction Company produced all of the Permit-related…

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Architectural Solutions to Coastal Challenges

As construction winds down on our house in Wellfleet, Sandra Baron discusses some specific coastal challenges that were overcome through careful design decisions.     The hot topic following a recent uptick in super-storms is how and even whether houses…

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Small Project, BIG Impact

When we were approached by the talented landscape architecture team at Reed Hilderbrand to assist them with a small architectural intervention in a much larger landscape design we were instantly intrigued.  Their plans for the residential property already included several…