Pool House 3D Model

When we were approached by the talented landscape architecture team at Reed Hilderbrand to assist them with a small architectural intervention in a much larger landscape design we were instantly intrigued.  Their plans for the residential property already included several programmatic elements, including a stunning zero edge pool, hot tub, terraces and gardens, all impeccably arranged on the site.   However, they envisioned one final element as being the focal point of the project - a little “gem” of a glass cabana.

The design challenge we thus embarked upon was to create a truly one of a kind structure that would be full of contradictions: transparent yet private, sheltered yet open to the sky, and equally enjoyable during the daytime as during the evening hours.  The result was a crisp white Corian® cube seated within a larger cube of glass and stainless steel, providing pool-side facilities during the day and transforming to a glowing piece of art in the landscape at night.

After many months of designing, detailing, and engineering we are excited to say that the cabana is nearly complete!  We look forward to sharing final photos once the glass is installed, but until then we find these progress photos to be intriguing.  They show the handiwork of both TriPyramid Structures for the stainless steel frame and PbD Productions for the seamless Corian® cube: