An existing Mid Century Modern house in Cohasset had fallen on hard times, with its vinyl siding peeling off and revealing layers of original wood and stucco siding and plywood sheathing. Our adventurous clients purchased this severely damaged structure in the hopes of resurrecting its original spirit on a breathtaking spit of land with a pebble beach and the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and a freshwater pond on the other.

We added a large, cantilevered, glass cube to expand the main living space but otherwise worked around the original interior layout. Our clients dreamed of a large open living space with multiple sitting areas, expandable dining area, a communal kitchen, and open party space in the middle. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the second floor, plus an additional living space and half bath on the existing 3rd floor with access to an expansive roof deck.

All systems were upgraded to meet or exceed current energy efficiency standards, and ground floor decks were added to extend the party vibe outside.

The pond side of the house steps down with the natural topography and accommodates a garage.

Large roof deck with endless views of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and sunsets and a freshwater pond to the west

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