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Modern Prefab House “set” in Lincoln

After months of planning, the eight modules for the modern prefab house Ruhl Walker custom designed for a site in Lincoln, MA, were delivered from Pennsylvania and “set” (the term custom modular prefabrication companies use for the assembly of the…

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Prefab at St. Mark’s School

In 2007, Ruhl Walker Architects was hired to design six faculty houses for St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA, prevailing over three architectural firms with much deeper portfolios of previous institutional work.  We may have been the most surprised of…

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In Design: Custom Prefabricated House in Lincoln

This house started as a substantial renovation of an existing 50’s vintage modern house in Lincoln, MA.  Because the original program included a large laundry list of renovations to the existing house systems, once we began working with general contractors on…