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Before and After for a Mid-Century Modern House

When we first visited this Mid-Century Modern house outside of Boston, we took careful note of what remained of the house’s original modern character, which was camouflaged behind kitschy window boxes, an unsightly eighties garage addition complete with stenciled bird…

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Architectural Solutions to Coastal Challenges

As construction winds down on our house in Wellfleet, Sandra Baron discusses some specific coastal challenges that were overcome through careful design decisions.     The hot topic following a recent uptick in super-storms is how and even whether houses…

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Curves are Taking Shape in Wellfleet

Following up on our most recent post, Sandra Baron describes the process of building curved roofs and walls with today’s technology.     We always enjoy pushing the envelope, but when our clients came to us requesting a design that…

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The House of Shifting Sands

When we last posted photos of our Griffin Island house in Wellfleet, MA, the board-formed concrete foundation under the main house was rising out of the sand and the art studio was taking form to the south. Time flies, but…

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Two More Design Awards!

We were thrilled to learn this week that two of our projects have received 2012 design awards from the Boston Society of Architects and the American Institute of Architects New England.  The winning projects are: The Hawaii Wildlife Center, which…

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Three BSA Design Awards!

We’re honored to have been notified this week that three of our projects have received 2012 design awards from the Boston Society of Architects.  The BSA hasn’t announced the particulars yet, but we’ll post again when we know more! In…

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Water Views

We’ve been frantically busy developing the design of our Griffin Island House, but Sandra, Nerijus, and I were able to take a short break and drive out to Wellfleet the other day. While we continue to fine tune the design…

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Modern Prefab house in Lincoln: Almost Done!

We are a few days away from move-in day at our Lincoln project, so we closed the studio for a few hours and everyone took a pre-Certificate-of-Occupancy look. Yes, there is a bit of a final punch list (as always),…

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Design update: Griffin Island House in Wellfleet

We are really excited about a new beach house we are designing for a magnificent waterfront property on Cape Cod Bay in Wellfleet. On Monday I had the pleasure of spending a full day with our clients, basking in the…

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Sustainable design; IKEA granite

Designing sustainably has never been an appealing fad as far as we have been concerned, nor is it even really a separate mission for us; it has always simply been the right thing to do. One recently completed Ruhl Walker…

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Blurring inside and outside with opening walls!

Having worked on several cool projects in Hawai‘i over the last few years, our eyes have really been opened to architectural possibilities that rarely exist in New England. For example, we collaborated with Rhoady Lee Architecture and Design on the…

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Mystic Lake house update

Just as construction of our Mystic Lake house was winding down, the neighbor’s house was demolished and construction began on their own new house; what goes around, comes around! And soon winter will have to arrive presumably; other than an…