It’s been awhile since we posted an update for our Westport project, the modern house Ruhl Walker Architects designed to float above its Westport River site, and that we introduced back in January and April.  Rick and Susan have moved in and were even able to enjoy the summer while some finish work and landscaping continued. We directly benefited from some of this fun, not only because Rick and Susan were in such good spirits and kept telling us how much they loved their new house, but also because we were treated to an amazing feast with our design partners from Reed Hilderbrand and Oblio Design on August 6th. Out of a great project experience have grown some wonderful friendships!

A few weeks after the celebration, Will Ruhl returned to discuss the “punch list”, which was unusually short given the excellent craftsmanship provided by the general contractor, Gilman, Guidelli, Bellow, & Co. It was actually more of a list of potential design modifications, minor tweaks to fine tune a few of the built details. Some fun work for Rick to ponder this fall!

Reed Hilderbrand’s landscape design is looking great already, and thanks to a violent rainstorm we witnessed first hand the wonderfully interactive water gathering rock gardens that coordinate perfectly with the house’s scuppers and waterfall element.

We are excited about some publication possibilities that have already come our way; publish or die… Keep tuned in for updates on that!